Ancestral Lineage Healing is something I’ve been doing for myself and my family for many years. I have explored many different energy healing and alternative modalities to accomplish this important work and continue to study with new teachers every year. 

healing family patterns by ariann thomas

Healing Family Patterns is a great book for those just getting started with ancestral lineage healing. I have read so many books on this topic and studied with various teachers and understand this can be a complex topic. It can easily overwhelm those who want to learn more but are not sure where to start.

In this book Ariann gives an easy to understand explanation of Quantum Physics and family history. She explains how we can heal ourselves by journeying into the past through meditation and other means.

Her scientific information is backed up by client stories which illustrate various ancestral lineage issues, the origin of them, and how to return to the CHOICE POINT and choose something else that will benefit the entire lineage.

I found this book a quick read but full of a lot of great questions to ask yourself as your do genealogical or military research or are ready to dive into ancestral lineage healing.

For those familiar with ThetaHealing and other energy healing modalities, you may find some of the techniques described can also be found in other modalities. That is one big reason to study so many possibilities. You may resonate more with one modality for a time and then need something different. Yet, from my experience, the basics are pretty much the same no matter what system you use.


What Do You Think?

What do you think about these topics? Have you explored them within your own family history? How have you been able to move beyond and heal the trauma of the past?

Do you have any favorite books or teachers for ancestral lineage healing? Please share in the comments.


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