Being an intuitive, empath, or highly sensitive person in these challenging times can certainly feel overwhelming.

Perhaps you’re being forced to deal with your own suppressed emotions — as well as the heightened emotions of those around you — as many of the old ways are crumbling…

The truth is, though, that your intuitive gifts are more valuable than ever.

In these unprecedented days, YOU are uniquely equipped to live as an empowered empath in a world in which you feel so much. 

On Saturday, May 9, author, trainer, and intuitive healer Wendy De Rosa will help you discover how you can fully embody the power that exists in your lower chakras — and stop operating from the wounds you’re holding in this area of your body — in a free video event: Next-Level Healing for Intuitives & Empaths in Extraordinary Times: Clear Energetic Imprints to Emerge as an Empowered Empath.

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During this special event, you’ll discover: 

  • The essential role of intuitives and empaths at this time — and why your soul incarnated now  
  • Why owning and processing your emotions is so integral to the energy clearing process 
  • How to hold energetic and physical boundaries as an intuitive or empath — especially in the face of personal, community, and global grief and loss
  • The most powerful survival practice and healing technique to have in your self-care toolkit right now 
  • An energy-healing practice to help you anchor into deeper grounding and integrate the teachings of this powerful hour — so you can take them into your daily life

You’ll discover why emotions like fear, anger, shame, guilt, and frustration can be so easily triggered right now — in spite of all the healing work you’ve done.

You’ll explore how to clear these blocks and make room for a much healthier, more embodied relationship with your own emotions — and with the world around you…

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I have taken two classes with Wendy now. Energy Training for Empaths and her Intuitive Heart Program. I’m currently starting her year-long Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification. Every course she creates contains life-changing information and deep meditations to help clear out old blocks, release old patterns, and help you step more into who you are. I highly recommend anything she teaches.

Disclaimer: The links are affiliate links and I make a small percentage if you choose the course after the free webinar.

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Limited time online course!

I follow Trauma Aware Care on Instagram and Facebook and a few days ago discovered they have an online course to help you learn to ground your energy. This course is only available for registration through early March I believe. It is called FIND YOUR GROUND.

While I know a lot of grounding techniques already, I wanted to hopefully learn more. I am also looking for new ways to present materials through workbooks, my online courses and coaching. So, taking this course served several purposes for me.


what i loved about this course

The course has a beautiful workbook with plenty of space to make notes and journal.

Many gorgeous, inspiring images are used throughout the course materials and as oracle and affirmation cards. They provide not only additional information on the topic being presented but when printed from your workbook, make inspiring art for your work area or bulletin boards. They can also serve as reminders to ground, center yourself, and relax when you feel triggered.

The course was easy to move through. It was well written and contained a glossary at the end of the course, with beautiful images, to reinforce what you learned or teach you what you didn’t already know.

I learned some new ways to ground and check-in with myself, especially when triggered. The course provided a few different perspectives on grounding. While the basic concepts I knew, the different perspective gave me a different way to work with grounding.

Perhaps the thing I appreciated most about the course was the specific wording and images placed in strategic places to remind you to step back, go at your own pace, slow down, check-in, especially if you feel triggered. The course was not written to specifically trigger anything but we are all different, all carry different baggage and inherited trauma. These reminders are good.

I encourage you to register for this class before it disappears. You get a year’s access and it is one you can return to again and again when you need a reminder to ground your energy.

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