Ammerzoden and Well walk (10)

Traveling the curvy road to see where I end up.

Some days are just meant to not be shared with anyone. Days where we must just be present and quiet, not running all over among the masses. Calm days to just process the energy and shifts and prepare for the big things coming. Friday, 23 October was such a day. Not once, but now twice, I made the decision not to go into ‘s-Hertogenbosch to the museum and see the city. I slept in that morning and took my time checking email and having breakfast.

During the morning before I left my sweet, cozy B&B, someone contacted me about something and the energy shifted in a negative direction. Every day I was in Europe I had used White Angelica essential oil for protection. I knew I would be in places where battles occurred, blood was shed, and anger, hate, and negativity reigned. I didn’t want all the negativity attaching itself to me. My job was to bring light and love and healing to these areas not increase the darkness. That morning, I had not put it on. The energy took over my hideaway and I had to open the front door and go outside and ground my energy for several minutes and clear the negative away.

Ammerzoden and Well walk (16)It is often surprising when that kind of energy hits me. The more I shift and transform, the more aware of the different energies I become. This day though, I was not expecting it. After I cleared the energy enough to be still again, I took a long walk.

I left my B&B and walked toward the center of Ammerzoden and turned left to go down a street that led to the dike. When I reached the top I walked to my right to see where the winding road would take me. The sun was shining and it was a warm day with a crisp breeze. The trees were beautiful in their colors and the wind gently blew away everything that was no longer needed, including the negativity.

Ammerzoden and Well walk (32)

Walking past Slot Well.

I walked more than an hour and ended up in a town nearby Ammerzoden called Well. There I saw a castle. I had no idea this was there, and it was not open for tourists. It seemed to be well maintained and I wondered what stories it held. Did tAmmerzoden and Well walk (1)he ghosts wander the stone stairs in the mists? Were battles fought here? Were the inhabitants happy? I took a lot of photos and then began my walk back toward Ammerzoden.

On my walk I passed a field with horses and people who seemed to be taking lessons. I walked down old forest paths as the wind pushed the acorns and leaves off the trees, giving it a magical feel as I walked beneath the canopy. Eventually I found myself back in town near the church. I stopped in the chapel to light some candles and the energy swelled inside the small room. I said some prayers, did some energy clearing and left. Of course after a long walk, one has to stop at the bakery for something yummy and to do some writing.

Chocolate bolI tried the Bosch Bol, this chocolate, whipped cream, decadent dessert. Apparently if you get one in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch,) they are much larger than the one I had in the bakery. The chocolate covered a small puff pastry type ball filled with whipped cream. The chocolate was dark, dense, rich, and while I finished the dessert, a small one was more than I needed. I enjoyed my dessert and coffee while writing. Writing in this bakery was something I was doing almost every other day. It was a peaceful, warm, and welcoming place to be.

Negativity dispelled, the energy crackling for the dinner with the owners of my B&B and my first program in Europe the following day, I walked back to my B&B in peace. Wondering again, who would I meet the next day that would change my life? Sometimes you just know people are going to show up. The question becomes, how are we meant to help each other in this life?

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