Are you ready to start a journey?

Are you ready to step into a new dimension for genealogy and military research and writing as well as your own personal story? My master class, Your Family’s War Journey can take you to new depths in exploring personal and family patterns, blocks, and traumas. Together in a safe space, we will discuss on family’s World War II story and the path each member took for healing.

Read more about this class, what’s included, and watch another video on the registration page.

Class starts 25 January 2021 with a meet and greet and more details on what to expect. You must purchase a book as part of this class but even if you join by the 25th, our first reading discussion is 1 February so you have plenty of time to join and participate.

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I look forward to walking this journey with you!

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This class will change how you research and write!

Journey with Jennifer as your travel guide, through your family’s history, their military stories, and your own story. On this journey you will read a life-changing book.

Together with a core group of people, we will discuss issues and emotions around the themes of war, religion, women’s themes, spirituality, family, stories, trauma, inherited trauma, racism, LGBTQ, caregiver issues, secrets, shame, guilt, PTSD, and many other topics that come from the book, my questions, and your experiences.

You will explore your family’s history and dive into who you are with this knowledge. You will even begin to write your own stories.

Watch the video to learn more then scroll down to explore more details. To learn more about this seven-week course, visit the registration page to find full details and testimonials from past participants. If you have questions about this course, please contact Jennifer at I can’t wait to work with you and guide you on your transformative journey! © 2020 Ancestral Souls