In this ever changing reality we are living in during the times of COVID-19 or coronavirus, we are being called to go inside and do our inner work. To become embodied, ground our energy, respond rather than react. Promote these things rather than fear and panic.

In this video I share what is happening in my world this week and give you a grounding exercise to do which I hope will help you feel more calm. Try it out, change it up, and see how this one thing can bring more peace to your life in this moment.

Grounding is something I do multiple times a day, especially when I feel stressed, I start futuring (worrying about the future) or the monkey mind starts going. Grounding takes me out of fight or flight and into what is actually happening. It has kept me sane for the last week as things have changed daily, including my return from my Dutch husband in the Netherlands, whom I may not see for six months. Grounding has helped me sleep, prepare in a calm way, and explore what is possible in this moment and the next few weeks.

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There were many instances on this trip I wished someone was following me with a camera or that I had a driver so I could shoot photographs as the car rolled along country roads. The morning of 29 October was one of these instances as I left the hotel after a beautiful walk in the woods where the trees danced with joy, to make my way back to Ammerzoden. Today, I was determined to find this silver ring.Hampshire Hotel (11)

The drive took me over rolling hills as the sun shone brightly amidst the trees of red, orange, and gold. As I drove down a hill toward a piece of road covered over with a cathedral-like canopy, it felt like today, 29 October, was a very important day in one of my past lives. A day on which I married someone I loved very much. The energy was sweet and intense and I knew today I would find my ring.

My car drove itself to ‘s-Hertogenbosch about 15 minutes from my B&B in Ammerzoden. I asked a friend the day before if he knew of any antique stores in the city and I had an address. WHampshire Hotel (9)hen I arrived in the city, I only had a couple hours to spend there because I had to be on a Skype call that afternoon. Parking was easily found and I took a walk into the center of the city. I found a café and had some hot tea before going off in search of this jewelry store.

Only it really wasn’t an antique store and didn’t look like it would have what I was seeking. I kept moving through the city streets and came across another jewelry store. Browsing the items in the window I spotted it. An amethyst ring with tiny diamonds. White gold so it looks silver. I tried it on and it fit. Without even thinking about it, I bought it. The energy swirled and the universe sang with joy. The ring links me to someone from the past and also someone in the future. It feels like something I received lifetimes ago, but this version is much simpler and smaller. Perfect.

With only five days left in Europe, I had finally found the ring. Secure in the knowledge I had done almost everything I was supposed to on this trip, I made my way toward the Sint Jan Cathedral to spend some time with the spirits and light some candles.

The Cathedral was incredible. Statues of Saints lined every aisle. Beautiful art hung on the walls and were contained in the stained glass windows. There was a peace in the cathedral I had not found elsewhere. Some areas of the cathedral were very cold, as if people from beyond had congregated in those spots. This is one place I must return to on my next trip because in one visit you cannot possibly take in everything there is to see there.

St Jan Cathedral (9)St Jan Cathedral (30)St Jan Cathedral (52)St Jan Cathedral (92)St Jan Cathedral (63)








The rest of my day was spent with my colleague John Boeren as we did an In-Depth Genealogist IDG Chit-Chat session with Shannon Combs-Bennett. You can watch that here. Afterward we walked to the bakery in the village for something yummy with our tea and coffee and had a long conversation about life and work. My evening was quiet and perfect. I again counted my blessings as I later drifted to sleep. Tomorrow would be the day I gave my final program in the Netherlands.

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Forgiveness and healing can arrive at the most incredible and unexpected moments.

Throughout this trip I knew I was healing and releasing things from medieval past lives. I also knew I had to work through some forgiveness for myself where my soldiers were concerned. And there needed to be the release of my soldiers to move on. We can’t stay stuck to each other forever. I’d had many conversations about this with my friend Mary, who has helped guide me on this spiritual journey. She had said once I had to let them go and forgive myself for not being able to save them all. Little did we know what form that was going to take.1st Ceremony in Cemetery (12)

1st Ceremony in Cemetery (9)editedOn 27 October Helen Patton and I joined John Boeren for a day of Liberation Ceremonies. We again saw Matt and Gerrit and many others we had met the evening before when I spoke. John took us first to a Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery for a ceremony to honor the British forces that liberated Tilburg. The event was in the British forces cemetery and we could not have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was blazing high in the sky, shining down directly on the graves in gorgeous healing beams of light. People gathered and bagpipes played as those who participated in the ceremonies marched into the cemetery toward the podium.

The ceremony was in Dutch, but it didn’t matter what language it was in. The sentiment was visible to everyone. Honor those who gave us our freedom. Children helped dignitaries lay flowers at the Cross of Sacrifice and then it happened.

Release. Healing. Forgiveness.

A woman got up to sing Vera Lynn’s song, “We’ll Meet Again.” In English. At that point I felt the tears well up in my eyes and it was as if I was saying goodbye to my sweetheart during WWII and taking care of all those WWI soldiers. I could see it flash before my tear-filled eyes. I could feel this man I said goodbye to so many years and another lifetime ago, standing next to me. But he wasn’t. I knew where he was though – not far away from where I was in Europe.

The grief become uncontrollable as the tears slipped faster and faster down my cheeks. The sun was shining brighter and warmer on us as we stood near the graves and I could hear my soldiers saying to me, ‘Forgive yourself and let us go. It is time for us to let you go too.’ And as the song ended, we all said goodbye until another time and place when, We’ll Meet Again.

Release. Healing. Forgiveness.

1st CeremonyAfter the ceremony, Helen and I spoke to a woman who was 12 years old during the war. She told us a few stories about her life and what it was like to be in a town occupied by the Germans. I wish we would have had all day to listen to her stories as they were sad, distressing, but also fascinating.

2nd ceremony2

Jacoba Pulskens memorial

Thankfully we had a fantastic lunch after this ceremony and before the second one. I needed a bit of a break from all the energy. The second ceremony was for Jacoba Pulskens, a woman who hid Allied Airmen and later was sent to a concentration camp after the men were executed. The ceremony was short and a few people spoke near the memorial in Tilburg which honors her. Some members of her family attended and spoke.

When the ceremony ended, John took Helen and I to the home where Jacoba lived and then gave us a tour of Tilburg. Our final stop was a beautiful chapel where we sat for a time after lighting candles. Then Helen and I went off in search of coffee and a snack while John attended to other business.

We had a lovely dinner with John and Matt and then made our way to the final ceremony of the day, which honored the Scottish Brigade who helped liberate Tilburg. John was dressed in his St. Sebastian Guild attire because they were to lay flowers at the monument. The ceremony had melodic bagpipe music and many short speeches before children helped the dignitaries lay flowers at the Scottish Monument. It was a beautiful ceremony, again in Dutch, with some wonderful bagpipes to accompany it.

3rd Ceremony Scottish (22) editedJ, J, H

Jennifer, John, and Helen after the final ceremony.

After ceremonies such as these, the Dutch gather together for coffee and cake. We participated after the first and last ceremonies of the day. It gives people a chance to talk and enjoy each other’s company over food and drink, before they return home. It is a nice thing they do and I was able to meet many other people.

Before 9:00 p.m. I was heading back to Ammerzoden and to bed. The next day I would drive to Groesbeek for the day, lecture at night and drive back on Thursday. The past two days had been quite an experience and I was grateful for the healing that I was able to help with and receive. Who knows what the rest of the trip would bring and the question remained, where was this silver ring the universe kept saying I had to find?

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