Limited time online course!

I follow Trauma Aware Care on Instagram and Facebook and a few days ago discovered they have an online course to help you learn to ground your energy. This course is only available for registration through early March I believe. It is called FIND YOUR GROUND.

While I know a lot of grounding techniques already, I wanted to hopefully learn more. I am also looking for new ways to present materials through workbooks, my online courses and coaching. So, taking this course served several purposes for me.


what i loved about this course

The course has a beautiful workbook with plenty of space to make notes and journal.

Many gorgeous, inspiring images are used throughout the course materials and as oracle and affirmation cards. They provide not only additional information on the topic being presented but when printed from your workbook, make inspiring art for your work area or bulletin boards. They can also serve as reminders to ground, center yourself, and relax when you feel triggered.

The course was easy to move through. It was well written and contained a glossary at the end of the course, with beautiful images, to reinforce what you learned or teach you what you didn’t already know.

I learned some new ways to ground and check-in with myself, especially when triggered. The course provided a few different perspectives on grounding. While the basic concepts I knew, the different perspective gave me a different way to work with grounding.

Perhaps the thing I appreciated most about the course was the specific wording and images placed in strategic places to remind you to step back, go at your own pace, slow down, check-in, especially if you feel triggered. The course was not written to specifically trigger anything but we are all different, all carry different baggage and inherited trauma. These reminders are good.

I encourage you to register for this class before it disappears. You get a year’s access and it is one you can return to again and again when you need a reminder to ground your energy.

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